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History of the PFB

The foundation of a pioneering company
The PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG was founded on 1 October 1989 by two experienced and innovative financial experts: Werner Eichenberger and Lothar Kausche. Since its inception the company and its two founders have been recognised as pioneers in private financing advising in the city of Winterthur and its catchment area. PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG sets new standards: witness the growth of its customer base - in the region, in the area of Zurich and Eastern Switzerland, in the whole of Switzerland and in other countries.

In answer to a growing need
PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG founder Werner Eichenberger puts it this way: “The motivation for this step was primarily the fact that in particular private persons were increasingly looking for better and more exclusive standards of personal advice than banks – for structural and organisational reasons – were able to offer. So it was logical to seize this opportunity to specialise in top-level private financial advising. The fact that from the beginning we were recommended shows that we were right. And this is still the case today.”

Something exclusive for our 10th anniversary
In the autumn of 2008 PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG lived up to its pioneering role. On the 28 October 2008 the company launched the «Winterthurer Thaler». For the first time in its history the city of Winterthur had a coin which carried its name. By the end of the year the entire edition was sold out. The net profit of Sfrs. 31,600 was donated to the charitable Centre for self-help which serves the city of Winterthur and its region.

Times Online recommends PFB

PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG quality also has an international outlet. Starting on 1. January 2010 the online service of the British “Times” recommends PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG as a service company specialising in private financial advice in its worldwide “Cityguide” (Zürich/Winterthur)