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2008 - Ten years PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG

A premiere for the jubilee

To mark its 10 year jubilee, PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG decided to do something special and something public-spirited. It launched the «Winterthurer Thaler» in sterling silver and with it, the first coin to carry the name of the city of Winterthur. Never before in its history – neither during the Kyburg, Habsburg or Zürich governance - did the city of Winterthur, founded in 1264, have its «own money». It was PFB Privatfinanzberatung AG who made it possible in 2008.

In a very short time the total edition of 1264 thalers were sold. The net profit of CHF 31'600.— was donated to the charitable «Centre for Self-help in the City and region of Winterthur».

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Taler hinten
Winterthurer Coat of Arms

Based on a 1787 design by the notable Basel coin engraver Johann Ulrich Samson. This representation was used as Winterthur's official City Seal at the end of the 18th century.